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Monthly and annual payment

All you need to know about payment.

Monthly plans 

Smaply monthly accounts – Starter, Regular, Business – differ with regard to features and number of users allowed. 

These accounts are based on monthly subscription. In your account settings you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your account whenever you want, depending on what features and how many users you need. 

Access payment details and invoices

Monthly plans can be paid via credit card. Your card will be automatically charged each month unless you cancel your account. 

The account's admin can access and change the payment details including invoices in the account settings – just move to the upper right corner of your dashboard to access your user settings:

  1. Open your user settings in the upper right corner of your dashboard
  2. On the right hand side you'll find all the information related to your payment

Here you can also change your credit card details as well as the email address that should receive the monthly invoices.

Please keep in mind your invoices could be a bit delay. Usually it takes max. 24 hours while the payment settled down and we send out your invoices. If you don't receive it within 1-2 days, please drop us a line at

Annual plans and payment

If you plan to use Smaply for a longer period of time (6+ months) we're happy to generate an individual offer for you which you can then pay once via credit card or bank transfer. Just drop us a line to if you're interested.

Annual plans can be paid through a single payment via credit card or bank transfer. 

Change credit card details

To change your credit card details, go to your account settings an to the menu point credit card on the left hand side. 


We do take other currencies than Euro. If your credit card doesn't allow foreign transactions you may have to call the company to let them know that you're making the purchase otherwise, it should work the same as any other transaction. 

Payment problems

If you have any problem or issue with your payment and you cannot proceed with the checkout process, please drop us a line at 

Also it might be helpful to try out the following steps:

  • refresh your page
  • try with another browser
  • check your adblocker
  • check your firewall
  • log out and in again to Smaply

If you still experience payment issues, please contact us and we'll take a look and solve your problem.

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