If you want to deeply integrate Smaply in your daily workflow, our enterprise API is for you.

About the Smaply API

Users can interact with our RESTful API in numerous ways to automate certain processes:

  • Create projects & manage projects
  • Manage and assign users
  • Create and manage journey maps
  • Create and update elements of a journey map

That way you can for instance whenever a new project is created in your project management tool automatically create and assign the users to a project in Smaply. From your tool you can interact with all elements, e.g. personas, journey maps and stakeholder maps directly.

Another use-case would be to automatically update fields of a journey map with data from your Business Intelligence Software on a regular basis.

Lastly, you can use the API to automate any kind of standard workflow, e.g. to create projects, assign users, automatically add certain personas and journey maps to a project. This helps you to kickstart your projects.


Smaply's API is available to all Enterprise and Whitelabel customers. The API is constantly improved and worked upon and our Enterprise and Whitelabel customers have a say on what they expect from the API and influence the roadmap.