Smaply enables teams to digitize, centralize and standardize their customer experience insights. With Smaply you can create journey maps, personas and stakeholder maps, collect feedback from others, and create professional exports.

With our training program we help you to understand and apply human-centered approaches. In customizable modules, including lectures, Q&A sessions and exercises, we provide you with the skills you need along the journey mapping process.

Feature overview

  • Persona editor

  • Journey map editor

  • Stakeholder map editor

  • Training for your team

  • Export types: PDF, PNG, PowerPoint, Excel

  • Image library

  • Icons library 

  • Custom branding

  • Live sharing mode

  • Comment mode

  • Journey map hierarchies

  • Import digital whiteboarding journey maps (Miro, Mural, Lucidspark)

  • Import pen & paper journey maps

  • Google Sheets

  • Jira

  • Whitelabel access

  • API

Detailed feature list





  • Stages

  • Steps

  • Text lane

  • Storyboard

  • Emotional journey

  • Channel lane

  • Dramatic arc

  • Activities (backstage lane)

  • Live data lane (Google spreadsheets integration)

  • File lane

  • Link lane (journey map hierarchies)

  • Jira lane (Jira integration)

  • Separator lane

  • Journey map info (meta data)

  • Persona sliders

  • Multiple personas on one map

  • PDF

  • PNG

  • Excel 

  • PowerPoint

  • A4 (Emotional Journey)

  • Touchpoint walkthrough

  • HTML (live sharing)

  • Comment mode

  • Export history

  • Journey map templates

  • Duplicate projects

  • Icon library (the Noun project)

  • Image library by Smaply

  • Enterprise images upload

  • Mural

  • Excel

  • Miro

  • Lucidspark

  • Pen and paper journey maps

  • Google Spreadsheets (live data lane)

  • API

  • Storage: Up to 1 gb in total, up  to 100mb per file





  • Your brand on exports

  • Dedicated subdomain

  • Branded login page (Enterprise plan)

  • White label (in-app logo)

  • Enterprise color palette 

  • Coaching and training


  • Dedicated instance/on premise hosting

  • Contracting / procurement handling

  • Key Account Manager

  • Self-service helpdesk

  • 24h email support

  • Phone / chat support

  • Premium support

  • Tagging

  • User roles

  • Archiving projects


To learn more about what's to come in the future, check out Smaply's roadmap.

Frequently asked questions

I am currently using Miro (Mural, Lucidchart, Excel ...), so I don’t need Smaply, right?

Whiteboard tools like Miro, Mural, or Lucidchart are useful in a very specific moment: the workshop. Being creative, messing around with ideas, preparing drafts and sketches. Smaply comes into play if you afterwards want to bring your results to a level everybody can grasp: The core idea of Smaply is to standardize and centralize journey maps and make CX insights accessible across teams. Unlike whiteboarding tools, Smaply helps you create a repository of insights and therefore makes your maps a management tool.

How can I involve my stakeholders in the process?

Stakeholders can contribute on many different levels: invite them as co-editors with specific access levels and user roles; share a view-only version of your current status with them; invite them to give feedback through comment mode, or create different types of exports for workshops or presentations.

Let's talk data security!

Based in Austria, development is kept in-house, ensuring we commit to the highest European data security standards (GDPR). We use 256-bit SSL encryption at all times, officially certified by Symantec. Billing information is never stored on our servers and is securely handled by Braintree Inc., which is also trusted by companies such as Airbnb or Dropbox. 

Learn more about our security and privacy policies on

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