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You can convert an image of a journey map exported from another tool or simply use a screenshot. Sometimes though, in more complex images, you will need to indicate the areas that should be included or excluded. 

Detecting all text on an image

Sticky notes in the images will be automatically detected. If there is other text on the image you can simply detect it by toggling the switch "text detection mode".

Sometimes this will pick up text that you don't want to included which you will need to delete.

If your image has a lot of 'noise' ( for example it has a template with lots of text behind it) you will have to do more work manually.

In many tools it is quite easy to create a copy with only the text and images you want to end up in Smaply before you export it or take a screenshot.

Removing unwanted selected areas

To remove areas of the image that you'd prefer not to be included:

  1. Select a single note with a click or multiple by dragging the area around them
  2. Press the delete key or button (top right menu bar)

Changing a selections size

  1. Drag corners to resize the selected area; or
  2. Drag item to arrange it

Selecting an area of the image

Click anywhere to select and add a new area.