Copy existing journey maps within and between projects to fasten up your work when you’re creating journey maps that are very similar. Modifying a copy is much easier than creating a new one from scratch and save you significant time and effort when creating new maps.

You can

(1) duplicate a journey within a journey map

(2) duplicate a journey map to another project and on the other hand you have the possibility to 

(3) duplicate a journey map within a project .

(1) Copy a journey within a journey map

If you want to re-use a journey, e.g. for a second persona on the journey map, you can simply copy the entire journey of a persona

1. click on "Add persona" on the journey map outline

2. click the small icons with sheets on it (see image)

3. select the original persona of and the target persona for the new journey 

(2) Copying a journey map within a project

This starts with the same cogwheel menu as above. Just choose “Duplicate journey map” and then you will see a notification. You can keep on working with Smaply as the duplicating might take a while, it is processed in the background. 

After the duplication has finished you will get another notification telling you that the journey map is ready.

(3) Copying a journey map to another project

In the cog menu in the upper right corner of the tool, you can choose “copy to other project” as you can see here:

A new dialog with the list of projects available to you appears. Choose your project and click on the button “Go ahead and copy this journey map”.


  • This action copies all the data (including steps, texts, images, files, etc.) and personas that are assigned to a journey in a map. 
  • The personas stay assigned and are copied to the other project as well.
  • Backstage lanes can't be copied because they include stakeholders.
  • The commenting or sharing mode is deactivated for the copied journey map, you can activate it in the new project. 

Who can copy journey maps

This feature is not limited to any plan and available for admins and managers of the organization (but not for members).