You can convert your Miro sticky notes into a Smaply journey map.

Here are the steps to go through to import from Miro:

Authorize access to Miro

The first time you want import from Miro you will need to grant access. This will open in a new window.

A new window will open up requesting permission for access to your Miro boards. You will just need to enter your log in details and select your team.

What and why we need these permissions

Your security information is stored locally within your browser only. We do not have access to your Miro data.

  • Read profile information for the current user: in order to authenticate and link your account
  • Read boards you have access to: to get the list of boards and to access the items you would like to import into Smaply
  • Read current team information: we need the team ID in order to access the board data

Choose what to bring from Miro

Once you have granted access to Miro, you will be prompted to select the project and frame from which you would like to import.

We currently only import sticky notes from Miro. If you have a journey map with images and other text see importing an image into Smaply Capture.

Organize lanes and step content

Once you have brought items into Smaply, if you need to you can make changes to each step and organize into the structure that you’d like in your journey map.

On the canvas you can:

  • change text

  • change note color

  • rearrange steps and lane order

  • add and delete lane steps

Choose lane type and name

As a final step, you will get a preview of what the journey map will look like in the Smaply journey editor.

You can also:

  • select a lane to be a title lane; or
  • give each lane a name

Confirm import and open your journey map

Now you can collaborate with your team on the journey map in the standard Smaply interface.