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Sharing read-only journey maps

You can use the share manager to create a link that will give users read-only access to the journey map.

How to share a journey map

If you want to share a read-only version of your journey map, please follow these steps:

1. open the respective journey map

2. open the sharing manager in the upper right corner of the editor

3. click on “start sharing” to activate sharing and get a unique URL for your journey map

4. send the public URL you get to your colleagues or other stakeholders you want to share the journey map with. They can view your journey map and see your changes (they will need to refresh their map).

If you want to collect feedback on your journey maps, please check out the Smaply comment mode.

Do read-only users count into the account’s user limit? 

Smaply plans are limited to a specific number of users, e.g. you can have 1 user on the STARTER plan and 3 or more users on the REGULAR plan. However this limitation only applies to users who can really log into the app and make changes on the project. Hence, there is no limitation for read-only user access.

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