Create a high-level journey map and zoom into single steps to illustrate a specific experience in more detail. 

Why to visualize different zoom levels

You add the levels by linking the journey maps together. E.g., you have a high-level journey map and you would like to visualize the details of one specific step. So you create a second journey map where you illustrate the details. 

For example:

  • Steps of the high level journey map could be: get to store - choose product - pay - leave
  • Steps of a detailed journey map for the step "get to store" could be: leave the office - go to bus station - get on a bus - drive - get off the bus - walk to the store - step in door 

In this case you would create a link for the detailed journey map and include it into the high-level journey map. This way you can zoom from the high-level journey map into the detailed journey map.

How to create zoom maps

There are two solutions for this:

Journey map link lane

First and straight: use the journey map link lane – the feature has been built just for this use case. 

Sharing manager

Depending on the access level

The sharing manager helps you to link different journey maps and by doing so zoom in and out of single steps and journey maps.

This is how it works:

1. Use the sharing manager to generate a URL that leads to detailed journey map (zoom-in journey map)

2. Go to the high-level journey map (zoom-out journey map) and to the step that should lead to the detailed journey map

3. Use the text lane and its text editor to place the link of the detailed journey map there

The other way round, you can also place links to zoom out of the journey map again.

Example zoom map

Here is an example for a zoom-map. The zoom-fields are highlighted in yellow.