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Comment mode

Activate comment mode to collect feedback on your journey map.

There is an option for you to collect feedback on your journey maps: Smaply comment mode. 


Besides exporting and sharing read-only versions of your journey maps, you can now invite people to add their comments online and directly on the journey map.

In this article you learn how the comment mode works, how to invite people and how to organize comments best.

Who can make comments?

Commenting on journey maps is possible for: 

a) Those who have a Smaply login and access to the respective project.

b) Those who got an invitation from you.

Both groups of people can view all comments made on the map (also those that have been added by others) and reply to comments.

Where do I start and stop my call for feedback?

You find the menu point Comments in the upper right corner, right next to the export manager. You can start and stop people’s access to the comment view anytime.

adding comments to journey maps

How can I invite people to comment on my journey maps?

If you want people to comment on your map, just invite them by using the invitation form of the Comments Manager and inserting their email address. They will get an invitation via email, including the URL which leads to your journey map. You can invite as many users as you want. You can also resend the invitation and revoke access from single users.

How can we add comments?

There are two ways to add new comments:

a) Create a new thread

Pick the journey map detail you want to add a comment to, move the cursor to the upper left corner, and click on the plus-symbol that appears. Every new thread will get an own automatic number so you can distinguish threads easily.

users commenting on journey maps

b) Comment on an existing thread

You can also reply to existing threads/comments. In oder to do so just hit the reply button of the respective comment.

having discussions on journey maps

How can I get rid of a thread that has been resolved?

You can delete a comment or thread with the respective symbol directly next to it. 

Further, you can also resolve threads. Resolved threads will go to the archive section – so they are just hidden and you can view them whenever you need.

Please note: those people who can login to Smaply can delete any comment; those people who use the comment view can only delete the very last reply on a comment. That’s here to make sure the context of the comment is not lost.

Smaply comment mode for journey maps

In what plans is the comment mode included?

The comment mode is available for the plans BUSINESS and upwards. However it’s also available for trial users.

Check out the different plans of Smaply here.

Where can I try out the comment mode?

You can check out the comment mode directly in-app if you registered for a BUSINESS plan or in the trial. 

You are also welcome to check out the comment view and add some comments here in our example map.

Manage comments 

You can create own comments, view other peoples comments, respond to and manage the comments if you switch from "invitations" to the "comments" tab. Also you can resolve or delete comments you do not want to further discuss. 

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