You can use Smaply to create system maps like stakeholder maps, value network maps and ecosystem maps. 

The why and what of stakeholder maps

On our blog we've prepared an overview on stakeholder mapping: what it is, why it is important and how to create an insightful map.

Go to the blog article about stakeholder maps

Video tutorial: creating a stakeholder map / system map in Smaply

About the different types of system maps

Stakeholder maps are one type of system maps. Besides stakeholder maps, also value network maps and ecosystem maps belong to this group. Here comes a short introduction to the difference between the tool.

Stakeholder maps

A stakeholder map illustrates the different stakeholders and categorizes them into three circles. The naming of the circle can vary depending on the focus of the map, e.g. essential – important – interesting,  or local – national – international.

To create a stakeholder map with Smaply:

1. create a new stakeholder map

2. name the circles A-B-C on the bottom right corner

3. drag and drop the personas into the template and place them on the right circle

You can delete stakeholders from a stakeholder map by dragging them off the map. To entirely delete stakeholders from the map, please go to personas and choose "stakeholders" on the right-hand side. Here you can delete them entirely. 

Value network maps

Value network maps add to stakeholder maps by also showing how the stakeholders are related to each others, e.g. if they share trust, money, information, etc.

To create a value network map with Smaply, you need a stakeholder map with at least two stakeholders on the template. 

1. Click on the first stakeholder – he's the one who shares something

2. An arrow arises. Draw the arrow to the second stakeholder and click the stakeholder. He is the one to get something

3. Define the type of the relationship by giving it a title and a symbol. Is it trust? Information? A service?

Ecosystem maps

Finally ecosystem maps, other than stakeholder maps or value network maps, do not only focus on human stakeholders but also include systems and programs as stakeholders.

To create a ecosystem map with Smaply, simply treat programs etc. as stakeholders or personas and drag and drop them into your stakeholder map.