You're new to Smaply? Scroll down for a video demo and more useful resources that will kickstart your work with the tool.

(This page will show you the big picture. If you want to learn more about specific Smaply features, use the search field above to learn more.)

Video demo: how to work with Smaply

Have our co-founder Marc talk you through the most important features. 

Here's an overview for you to pick the essential parts:

[01:10] The dashboard 

[05:05The project overview 

[07:32] Persona editor 

[11:20] Stakeholder maps editor 

[14:13] Journey maps editor 

[41:00] Importing journey maps 

[42:41] Account settings 

[44:42] Support, feedback, learning resources

Cheat sheets

Download these cheat sheets und use them as reminders: print them and put them onto your desk, or share them with your team.

Example journey maps

When getting started, learning from others and looking at some examples can be a helpful step.

Here come example journey maps for you to see what types of maps you can create – high-level or detailed maps, different types of information, different visualizations.

Check out the example journey maps

Online course about the methods

Learn how to innovate customer experience using journey maps, personas, and stakeholder maps – in 3 hours and for free.

In this course we take look at the methods behind Smaply: what are journey maps, personas, stakeholder maps? What are they useful for, how can they be applied? Read, watch, listen, and just benefit from hands-on recommendations. 

The course offers materials for different types of learning preferences, like:

  • Video tutorials
  • Deep-dive sessions
  • Examples and practitioners' stories
  • ... and much more

More about the online course

Personal tool demo 

If you have very specific questions on how to use Smaply or how to bring service design software to your organization, we'll be happy to give you a personal demo – just drop us a line to