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Smaply dashboard and overview

The updated dashboard and overview enable you to easier and faster manage your different projects and accounts.

The main menu

In the main menu on the top of your dashboard you can now directly open the learning resources, where you can download learning materials like cheat sheets, templates, and many more.

Sort and filter projects

Filter projects by the users that are included. Pick one or more users to show the projects they are assigned to. 

Filter projects by tags to highlight those projects that relate to specific topics. 

Finally date sorting has been improved as well.

Tag projects

Assign tags to your projects in order to categorize them.

1) View the tags assigned to the project

2) Assign new tags

Duplicate or move projects

Duplicate or move a project directly from the dashboard (instead of on the project overview).

Archive projects

Achieve projects means hiding a project to make the dashboard visually more clean. If you achieve your project, nothing will happen to your data – it’s only a visual change. After archiving you can still interact with the project.

Assign a project color

Assign a project color in order to highlight specific projects or easily differentiate between them. Click on the drop icon to extend the color menu und pick from predefined colors or insert a Hex color code.

Customize the project’s color.

Project overview

The project overview summarizes the main information on the project.

Change the project title and description, tags, as well as the project color (by clicking on the water drop icon).


The project overview summarizes all project details.

If a journey map contains comments from the comment mode, a small icon will indicate the number of comments on the journey map block.


A journey map with two comments, indicated below the project title.

Finally, you can manage the different users of the project directly on the project dashboard. Add new users, delete current users, filter, and view the users’s role (member, manager) by hovering over their names.


Hover over users in order to show the delete-icon or their account roles.

Whitelabel changes

On the dashboard of whitelabel accounts there is a block on the right-hand side above the notifications with your account manager’s contact information. You also find buttons for sending emails and scheduling meetings with your account manager.  


Get support directly on the project overview.

You will find many more little changes on the new dashboard, however we are optimistic many of them will feel intuitive and do not need further explanation.

A couple of things have not changed or only changed their visual appearance, like the account management and the account switch in the upper right corner, or the update notifications on the right-hand side of the dashboard.

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