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Project management in Smaply

Each project consists of personas, journey maps and stakeholder maps and can have different users assigned. 

Organizations and projects in Smaply

With Smaply you can handle multiple organizations, projects and users.


Each organization has individual settings, billing and multi-user management. 

An organization can have unlimited projects and you can assign different users to each project seperately. 

User management


Each project consists of a number of personas, journey maps and stakeholder maps. The three tools work hand in hand:

  • Personas exemplify a group of people, such as a user groups, customer segments, employee types (we only refer to customers in this guide, but it depends on the focus of a project). More on personas
  • Journey maps visualize the experience of a person or a group of people as a sequence of steps. More on journey maps
  • Stakeholder maps reveal the ecosystem of people, organizations and things involved in a certain experience. More on stakeholder maps

How journey maps, personas and stakeholder maps are connected to each other

The connection of personas, journey maps, and stakeholder maps

Moving projects to other organizations

You can move a project from one account to another. 

To move a project, you need to meet these requirements:

  • you are a member of both organizations 
  • at least one account is a paid one / no trial account

To move a project from one organization to another, just go to the dashboard, click on the three little dots on the right hand side of the project and choose "move project".

Please note that, you can only transfer a project to a paid account, so the target needs to be the paid one.

Duplicating projects

If you copy a project, also the personas, stakeholder maps and journey maps are copied. This way you can re-use your personas and maps in diverse projects.

To duplicate a project just extend the project on the project overview and click "duplicate".

Deleting projects

To delete a project just extend the project on the project overview and click "delete".

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