Illustrate multiple journeys on one journey map to compare the experiences of two or more personas.

About journey maps with multiple personas

A journey map can be used to illustrate the experiences of more than one persona. Where do they show similarities or differences in their steps or emotions?

Each persona in a map has certain lanes that are dedicated to that persona (e.g. text lane, storyboard), however some lanes allow you compare personas within that one lane. The channel lane, emotional journey, and dramatic arc clearly allow you to illustrate both personas at the same time. This way you can, for example, compare satisfaction on the emotional journey and add both persona's satisfaction scores to the same lane.

Check out this webinar where we talked about how to use multiple personas on one journey map to compare their experience.

How to add multiple personas to one journey map

To include multiple personas in one journey map:

  1. Open/create a journey map 
  2. Click on the button "Add persona" on the journey map outline  
  3. Either pick a persona from the existing ones or create a new persona from there

Afterwards add lanes to your journey map and decide what persona each lane should focus on (Choose a persona for this lane). Please choose this carefully, you can't change it at a later point of time.

You can add personas to your journey maps anytime – either at the very beginning on a blank map, or later when the journey map is filled.

How to duplicate one lane to use it for a second persona

Currently, there is no direct way to copy single lanes, however, there is a workaround for that: you can duplicate the journey to the second persona and delete the lanes that you don't need anymore.

To do this, (1) click the add persona button and click the "duplicate existing journey" icon. This will allow you to (2)choose the Persona's journey that you wish to duplicate, and who you want to assign it to. 



Example journey map

Please find an example journey map illustrating two customer journeys on one map here.

In this webinar, we talked about how to use multiple personas on one journey map to compare their experience. Also we included stakeholder groups into the discussion and learn how backstage activities and service blueprints are connected to personas.