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Personas on journey maps

Each journey map may focus on one or more personas. You can add as many personas as you want and change them whenever needed without loosing data.

Edit a persona in journey map

You can to quickly change the name, icon or color of the persona within the journey map.

  1. Go to journey map outline and click on persona avatar you want to change
  2. Select "Edit persona"
  3. Make your changes
  4. Update your changes

Change persona of journey

You can change persona for journey directly in journey map. This is especially useful if you want to create different versions of journey maps focusing on different personas.

Unassign the persona from the journey map

If you'd like to create a journey map without a specific persona connected to it. To do so, just unassigned the persona from the journey by clicking on the old persona on the journey map outline and then on "unassign persona".

Create steps for the persona on the outline lane

You can create steps for your persona on several lanes, just keep in mind your persona always needs to have a step on the outline in order to enter data on other lanes. Without outline step you are not able to add new steps on other lanes.

Multiple personas on a journey map

→ learn more here: multiple personas on journey maps

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