The outline helps to manage the steps of a journey map.

Show complete step title

To show the full content of the steps by replacing the journey map outline with the actual full title visualisation. To achieve that follow these steps:

  1. click the cogwheel in journey map outline and select "show all title lanes"
  2. click the cogwheel in journey map outline and select "show/hide"

Delete steps

To delete a step

  1. click on the three dots 
  2. click on delete step

Delete entire journeys

To delete a journey

  1. click on the avatar on the outline
  2. click on delete journey

Please note: This will delete all that for this journey, so also entire lanes and their content will be delete that are based on this persona.

Change the journey outline orders

If you have multiple personas on your journey map, you change the order of the journeys in the journey map outlile by clicking the persona icon in front of the journey and then "move up" or "move down".

Edit your title lane step

You can edit your title lane step from your outline lane:

  1. click on the three dots
  2. choose "edit step title"