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Smaply Capture

Smaply Capture gives you the freedom to import your journey maps from Miro, Mural, Lucidspark, Excel or simply by using photos and screenshots. You can easily create journey map by using several kind of sources.

How to start?

When you create a new journey map, first add a name to your journey, then pick one of the sources:

  • Blank (start from scratch with an empty map)
  • Miro (connect your Miro account and import to Smaply)
  • Excel (import your xls file)
  • Photo (import your workshop photo, image or screenshot of other journey maps)
  • Mural (import image made in Mural)
  • Lucidspark (import image made in Lucidspark)

Import from Miro

  1. Connect your Miro account — make sure that "Smaply Web Capture" app installed in your Miro team
  2. Check accessibility of your board — it might happen you have to modify it to successfuly connect Miro with Smaply

  3. Choose your Miro board
  4. Import your journey map

Import from Excel

  1. Format an Excel sheet within the workbook you'd like to import — each cell should represent a single idea/step
  2. Import Excel file to Smaply

Import from Photos

  1. Take a photo of your workshop wall or any screenshots, images of your journey map
  2. Import photo to Smaply

Maximum size of photos: 3.5 MB

Format of photos: JPG, PNG

When you take any screenshot, please make sure you zoom in to your board/image so the sticky notes will be readable.

Text detection mode

When you turn on text detection mode, it helps you to quickly select text on your capture and make it as a step. The highlighted areas will be steps on your journey map.

How to select an area?

Click once anywhere to select and add a new area.

How to resize or move an area?

Drag corners to resize the selected areas; or drag item to arrange it.

How to remove an unwanted area?

Click to select a single note; or drag to select multiple notes

Use delete key or delete button on the top right corner

Import from Mural

  1. Open your Mural account
    1. Select sticky notes and organise into area
    2. Export area as image and download PNG file
  2. Come back to Smaply and upload your image here

You can also make a screenhot of your Mural board and upload that image to Smaply. Please make sure you zoom in to your board so the sticky notes will be readable.

Import from Lucidspark

  1. Open your Lucidspark account
    1. Open the menu and select file format to export
    2. Custom crop the area, then download the file
  2. Come back to Smaply and upload your image here

You can also make a screenhot of your Lucidspark board and upload that image to Smaply. Please make sure you zoom in to your board so the sticky notes will be readable.

Smaply Capture mobile app

It allows you to quickly digitize pen and paper journey maps with Smaply. You simply take a picture, powerful handwriting recognition (also called OCR, optical character recognition) then recognizes the text and uploads a digital version of your journey map to Smaply. Hence, you save time and effort for manual work and can immediately continue working on your insights in a digital environment, share it with your team or present it to others. 

How do I use the mobile app?

Run your workshop

You can use Smaply Capture in two cases: either you have run a pen and paper workshop and have a journey map on your office wall; or you have a digitized journey map on digital tool and would like to give it a professional look. Smaply Capture works in both cases.

Activate Smaply Capture 

  1. Go to the Project Overview of the project to which you'd like to add the journey map to.
  2. Activate the Smaply Capture feature for the respective project.
  3. Download the Smaply Capture mobile app from the app store.

Capture your journey map

  1. Download and open the Smaply Capture mobile app (available for iOS and Android).
  2. Press the plus button and take a photo of your journey map.
  3. Smaply Capture will screen your map. You can edit contents along the way.
  4. Scan the QR code from your project overview.
  5. Smaply Capture feeds a digitized version of your journey map into Smaply. You find the journey map on the journey map library of the chosen project.

Where do I find my QR code?

You get your QR code in the project overview in your Smaply account. Please activate the Smaply Capture feature there to have Smaply generate your QR code.

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