This is how to work with personas and stakeholders in Smaply.

The difference between personas and stakeholders

In Smaply, there are two differences between a persona and a stakeholder:

  • A stakeholder is just a label and an icon, whereas a persona can house a lot of information about that persona in the persona tool.
  • A stakeholder can only be added to a journey map in a supporting role, using the backstage lane.

Converting a stakeholder to a persona

If you wish to map the journey of a stakeholder or document more information about who they are, convert them into a persona first.  We don't have a way to currently delineate them as stakeholders, but you could do that by using the "serious icons" for your stakeholders and "classic icons" for your user personas. 

To convert a stakeholder to a persona, open the respective stakeholder and click on the button "Convert to persona".