Want to get your team, client, boss aboard? We have your back! These resources will help you communicate the value of journey mapping software and the value of Smaply.

Smaply pitch deck

What's the battlefield of customer experience? Why is software essential for successful customer journey management? How do you roll out journey mapping software in an organization? How can Smaply support you along your project? 

We've prepared a pitch deck to help you introduce others to the value of journey mapping. The pitch deck consists of about 30 slides,  the image above gives you a rough impression of what to expect. 

Please drop us a line to mail@smaply.com, we're happy to send you the entire pitch deck!

Smaply intro video

In this short video we summarize the main arguments for a digital journey mapping tool and show how Smaply can make your team's work easier.

Watch the video

Smaply demo

Schedule a personal call with our team, have us walk you through the tool, and answer all your questions.

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Case studies

You're in good company with using Smaply. Some of our customers share how they used Smaply, what their problem and goal was and how they reached it, step by step.

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Training for your team

Want to introduce your team to Smaply and get everybody on the same page when it comes to the methods, vocabulary and tools of journey mapping? We offer custom training, not only about using Smaply as a tool, but also about the basics of customer journey management.

More about Smaply trainings

Embedding and scaling Smaply

It’s not only about a tool – it’s about the mindset change it can trigger in your organization. We offer enterprise solutions for larger organizations that want to embed and scale customer centricity with Smaply.

More about Smaply enterprise solutions