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About the tool: how to use Smaply

Here are some resources that help you get started with Smaply.

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How to create a journey map in Smaply

Smaply's journey map editor enables you to create professional journey maps in seconds. Add different types of lanes to customize your journey map, link your maps together to build a repository and collaborate with your team.

How to create a persona in Smaply

Customize your persona template and visualize just the characteristics that are relevant in your case. Add images, numbers, quotes and much more to create empathy with your persona. 

How to create a stakeholder map in Smaply

A simple drag and drop editor helps you to quickly draft a stakeholder map. Create different types of stakeholder maps, filter based on your focus and export for workshops.

Read: quick start guide and cheat sheets

Talk and ask: get a demo 

If you have very specific questions on how to use the tool or bring service design software to your organization, we'll be happy to give you a personal demo – just drop us a line to and let us know about your availability.

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