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Example journey maps

We’ve created some journey maps to show how journey maps can illustrate experiences of different use cases and related to different industries.

Journey maps can vary widely in looks – depending on the objective of the map, the persona as well as the industry that it is created for. Each of the following example maps has its own characteristics because it always depends on the case, what kind of data/lanes is helpful to include. 
Always remember: there is no right or wrong.

Public transport journey map

A research-based journey map including KPIs and numbers. This map shows how to build hierarchies of journey maps: fields allowing for zoom-in and zoom-out are highlighted. 

View public transport journey map 

Telecommunications journey map

In this journey map you can zoom into one of the steps to get from a high-level journey map to a detailed journey map. Just click on the link in the second step’s description. 

View telecommunications journey map

Healthcare – patient experience journey map

The patient’s feelings are in the focus of the patient journey map. The differentiation between negative, neutral and positive feelings is particularly easy through green, red and yellow squares. 

View healthcare / patient experience journey map

Event experience journey map

This journey map is based on the real feedback we collected at the Service Experience Camp in Berlin in 2016. It includes a storyboard based on self-made images as well as multiple text lanes focusing on different topics. The map’s language is German, however we think you will also get a good impression if you don’t speak the language. 

View event experience journey map

Employee experience journey map

This map shows how journey mapping can be applied to analyze employee experience and illustrate team processes. 

View employee experience journey map

Online shopping journey map

This journey map focuses on the backstage activities in an online shopping process and gets very close to a service blueprint. 

View online shopping journey map 

Government journey map

In this map you see how stage descriptions and additional files can help adding valuable information to the single steps. 

View government journey map

E-commerce journey map

Examples for a sequence of steps within a user journey map in e-commerce

This is a very clean map illustrating the process from information gathering to the use of a product ordered online. It focusses on different channels and backstage processes of two different personas.

View e-commerce journey map 

Student experience journey map

This is the first step towards creating both a current state and a future state journey map – a very simple solution that shows the status quo as well as the next steps to improve the experience. 

View student experience journey map 

Tourism journey map

This is a journey map in German based on the experience of two different personas aiming to compare the two. The emotional journey of the two illustrates where they are both satisfied and where they satisfaction differs. The text lanes explain the reasons. 

View tourism journey map 

Airlines journey map

This map illustrates the experience a guest has on an airport. As on an airport a lot of the happenings take place behind the scenes, also this map has a focus on backstage processes and how they influence customer experience.
This is the project you also find on the Smaply trial.

View airlines journey map

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