Backstage lanes help to visualize processes that are connected to a specific step of the customer journey and that are not, or only partly, visible to the customer. Similar to a service blueprint, backstage lanes can also illustrate the resources an organization needs to invest to maintain a certain quality of service. Hence, you to easily keep track of processes that are involved in providing a service.

How to create a backstage lane

  • First add a new lane and choose the backstage lane.
  • Then add a new backstage action by choosing the stakeholders who is connected to the customer’s step and assign the tasks one has to handle. 
  • Your journey map would look similar to the following example. Each line represents a stakeholder, each red dot an action. By clicking on the plus symbol you can add a new action. If you want to work on the action, just click on the red dot to read, edit and delete an action.

Drag & drop of actions in the backstage lane

It does not matter if you want to move an action to another step, or to another stakeholder. Click and hold on the colored dot and move it to any new place in the backstage lane.