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Journey map design

There are different ways for you to customize your journey map and to add details and highlights.

Smaply lanes

Add as many lanes as you want to your map (you can also add the same lane type two times or more) and rename them however you want.

Stages define the basic structure of an experience (more)

Outline is the place where you can manage the structure of your journey map (more)

Steps are the single experiences your customer has (more)

Text allows you to describe each step in more detail (more)

Storyboards visually represent the sequence of steps through icons, photos of real-life situations or enacted situations, screenshots of interfaces, or just quick scribbles visualizing specific situations (more)

Channels (e.g., face-to-face, telephone, online, etc.) are crucial to understand a customer uses at each step helps us understand cross-channel experiences and potential gaps regarding cross-channel experiences 

Emotional journeys are graphs representing a persona’s level of satisfaction at each step (more)

Dramatic arcs are graphs showing the level of a persona’s engagement, arousal or importance at each step (more)

Backstage lanes show internal activities and processes that are not visible to the user 

File lanes can be used to attach relevant documents to your journey map. (more)

Separator lanes help to bring more structure to the map.

Emojis and symbols

Emojis and symbols can help highlight specific facts and make it easier to make sense of a journey map (more).

Highlighting fields

You can highlight text (use the text editor), steps / single fields, or stages.

Adding Links 

Linking other resources like interviews, articles, data files etc. helps to add details and also helps to zoom in or zoom out of journey maps.


Keeping gaps between steps also helps to structure a journey map, e.g. align specific experiences of two personas.

Of course there are many more tips and hacks that can be useful when creating a journey map. What would you like to do? Drop us a line if your favourite feature is missing!

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