These icons help to visualize the channels that affect a persona’s experience at a specific step. A channel lane helps us understand cross-channel experiences and potential gaps regarding cross-channel experiences, particularly for high-level journey maps.

How to create a channel lane

The channels are illustrated in a so-called swimlane map. To create such, follow these steps:

  1. Add a channel lane (Click “Add lane” and select channel. Then select a persona and click “create lane”, now you have assigned a persona to it)
  2. Click on "Add channel"
  3. Choose an icon and title for your channel. Make use of the different icon galleries (e.g., relationships, channels and processes, ...)

How to include multiple personas in the channel lane

It's helpful to use different colors for your personas' avatars, which makes it then easier differentiate the colored dots in the lanes afterwards. If all persona avatars have the same color, you might have a hard time to distinguish them on the channel lane.

→ learn more about how to include multiple personas in a journey map here.

How to change icons in the channel lane

By clicking on the little cogwheel next to the channel name you can edit the name as well as the icon. Just choose one by clicking on it.

Drag & drop of lines in the channel lane 

You can move single lines of the channel lane up and down by drag and drop.