Jira lane allows you to connect a step with related Jira issues. You can use this to work with your Jira issues right on the journey map and synchronize it with your team work progress. You'll be able to see up-to-date statuses, priorities, and assignees.

This lane is available for Pro and Enterprise plans.

The What and Why of Jira lane

Jira lane is an integration of Jira and Smaply. It allows you to link Jira tickets directly on your journey maps. This way you can keep the overview on projects that affect the customer journey. No need to switch within tools anymore.

Setup: Connecting your Jira account with Smaply

Only the organization's admins (Smaply admin and Jira admin) are able to set up this connection under the organization settings. Please note that you have to be logged in as Administrator in Jira to set up this connection. 

Here come a video and a detailed guide that help you set up the lane.


Here is a detailed guide with the following steps in organization settings - Jira integration page on the left sidebar.

  1. Enter your Jira URL and go to the settings in Jira
    Make sure your Jira URL does not end with a slash (/).

  2. Create application link in Jira
    Copy the following application URL (https://app.smaply.com/) into the form in Jira and click 'Create new link'.

  3. Set application name
    Copy the following Application Name (Smaply Jira App) into the settings. After clicking 'Continue', the new Application Link will get created and appear in the list.

  4. Configure application settings
    Edit the newly created Application Link. Go to the Incoming Authentication tab and fill in the corresponding fields. Close the modal to finish setup.

  5. Connect application
    Click on 'Connect Jira' and click 'Allow' to accept Smaply connecting with your Jira.

It's a one time connection, you have to set up once as an admin, afterwards everyone can use the Jira lane in your organization without any further connection or settings.

Using Jira lane

It works as any other lane in your journey map:

  1. First click on "add a new lane" and choose the Jira lane
  2. Connect one of your personas to the lane
  3. Search by key or summary of your Jira issue
  4. Select the Jira issue and link it to your step

Intro Webinar: Jira lane setup & Basics

In this 20 minutes webinar we introduce you the basics of Jira lane, how to set it up in your account and start to use it.