Steps are a fundamental part of journey maps. Here are some tips and tricks that help you speed up your work.

What a step is and how to create one

Steps are the single experiences a person/customer/stakeholder has with a service. Depending on the zoom level of your journey map, steps could be, for example: 

  • book ticket – go to airport – time at airport – fly (high level)


  • enter airport building – go to check-in – hand over luggage – go through security control (zoom-in map)

Move a step

You can move a step to the left or to the right by clicking the three little dots on the left-hand side of the step in the journey map outline and drag and drop it to the place where you'd like to have it. 

Doing this will move all of the data within that column as well. 

If you have multiple personas on your map, moving the step will only move the corresponding data for the lanes associated with that persona. The steps and information in lanes below associated with other personas will not be moved. 

Copy a step

It's not possible to copy a single step within the journey map or between journey maps. However you can copy all steps together if you duplicate the journey map.

Insert a step between two others

There are two places where you can add steps to journey:

  1. In journey map outline 
  2. In all lanes which represent only one persona like text lane and storyboard

Edit a step

You can add custom colors to the step by using HEX or RGB code. Also you can change the font style, highlight the text and insert links. More info about the rich text editor

Delete a step (or: delete a column)

If you want to delete a step of a journey map, you can do that through the journey map outline.

Be aware that all data within that column is deleted as well.

  1. show the journey map outline if it is collapsed
  2. navigate to the step (column) you want to delete
  3. hover and then a popup menu appears
  4. use the trash bin to delete the step/column

Walk through step-by-step

Collaborate more efficiently and walk others through your map by step-by-step by clicking on the three dots on any step of the journey map outline. This will trigger a pop-up on the far right that shows just the detail of this step. You can then use the arrows in that pop-up to walk through your map step by step.