Stages help you to categorize the journey maps steps and to keep the overview.

Stage details: title, description, colour

You can color your stages to make keeping the overview it easier. 

Besides the stage title, each stage can have a description. This allows you to give an overall picture of what the focus of this stage is while giving one a high level perspective of the underlying steps. 

This is how to set the stage details:

  1. Click on the stage
  2. Click on the pencil to edit the stage
  3. Pick the color you prefer

By the way, you can simple show and hide the stage description. Just click on the cogwheel next to stages title, there you find an option to hide/show the stage description.

Combine and divide stages

Move the cursor to the area between the two stages you'd like to combine. The area will be highlighted blue. Click it to combine the stages.

To divide the stage, move the cursor to the stages lane and to the area between the two steps you'd like to divide. Click onto the point where you'd like to divide the stages.

Resize stages

To resize a stage, just hover over the arrow end of the stage and drag it towards left or right.

Move stages

To move a stage, just drag and drop it towards left or right.

Delete stages

To delete a stage, move the cursor onto the stage, then a field will appear with a bin symbol – this symbol enables you to delete stages. Please note: deleting a stage will not affect the rest of the journey map. Still, there is no redo for this action. Delete your stages carefully, especially if you have extensive stage descriptions connected.