The demo project shows you how to illustrate the essential parts of a journey map: personas, emotional lane, dramatic arc, backstage processes - just to name a few.

What to do with the project

The demo project is here to give you an impression of what you can get out of Smaply. You can see how the persona templates can be used, how stakeholder maps could look like, and what the different parts of the journey maps are here for. It's based on a real-life example – airport experiences – of which we thought most of us can connect to and empathize with.

You can do with it whatever you want – read it, change it, duplicate maps, export and share your changes. But please note: if you delete the demo project, it's deleted :)

How to access the project

The project will be visible on your account dashboard a couple of minutes after you’ve signed up for and confirmed your account (the software needs some time to load the information into the newly created account).

It’s named “Example Project: Airport experience”. 

A first glimpse

You can also check out the read-only version of the journey map.