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Lane types: text lane

A simple text lane allows you to describe each step in more detail than a title lane. Like a title lane, you can also highlight specific steps with background colors.

What to use text lanes for

Text lanes can be used to further describe a persona's experience, e.g. through

  • descriptions
  • KPIs 
  • ideas
  • questions
  • jobs to be done
  • passage of time
  • needs
  • wishes
  • risks and opportunities
  • research insights
  • links to other documents

Text editor

With the rich text editor you can write bold text, create a bullet point list, choose a larger font size, or mark up specific text parts in bright yellow.

Clear text lane content

To clear the content of a text lane:

1. Click on the avatar of the persona in the respective text lane

2. Select clear data

Delete single field in text lane

To delete a lane:

1. Click in the text field you want to delete

2. Use the trash icon on the lower right corner of the editor to delete the content

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