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Predefined templates

Journey map templates help you to easily start visualize your customer experience. You can start with a popular template with a customizable structure.

Choose a template

You can choose between a blank journey map, importing from Miro, Excel, Photo, Mural or Lucidspark or start with a journey map template by selecting the template of your choice within your journey map dashboard. 

You can choose between four types of templates depending on your focus:

  • service blueprint
  • communication journey map
  • empathy journey map
  • comparison journey map

Types of templates

Service blueprint

Connect customer interactions with backstage processes in a classic format. With this template you can illustrate physical evidences, customer actions, frontstage and backstage actions, and support processes.

Communication journey map

A simple and straightforward template to communicate a visually appealing customer journey. It contains a text lane for describing your customer steps, a storyboard lane to visually illustrate their experiences, an emotional swimlane to illustrate your customer's satisfaction level at each steps and a channel lane to point out the different touchpoints and understand cross-channel experiences.

Empathy journey map

Visualize what customers think, say, do, and feel, as well as their pains and gains throughout their journey. It contains text lanes with the trigger questions of what do they do, see, say, hear, think and feel.

Comparison journey map

Compare the journeys of different personas in one map (customer segments, customers and employees, etc.). It contains two personas, each of the personas have its own dedicated lanes (text lane for steps, storyboards, emotional swimlanes, channel lanes), in this way you can examine your personas' similarities and differences within one journey map.

Create your own template

If you would like to create your own template, after you built your journey map, you can duplicate it and use it as a template. 

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